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Vern's Fitness Centre


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On this home page we'll introduce our business and highlight important areas on our site.

Vern the fat burner


What we offer:

Aerobics: To burn unwanted body fat,
strengthen heart and lungs, increase circulation
reduce stress, increase bone density, and reduce bad cholesterol.

Weights: To tone and sculpt your muscles, and
increase your metabolism so you burn fat even

karate: To developed strong body and mind
flexibility, and balance.
To instill strong discipline in 
young boys and girls.

Yoga: To release stress and tension.
Strengthen internal organs for better elimination of toxins

Reiki; Also call healing hands.

Shiatsu; Also call finger pressure massage is an excellence way to remove toxin from the body and promote a sense of well being 

Vern's Fitness Centre is one of the few fitness outlets that offer such a wide range of fitness options for one to choose from.

Call Now: 799-0845 (C&W) 565-8030 (Digicel)

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Class time at Vern's Fitness Center.
Mondays to Thursdays 6pm to 7pm.
Tuesdays to Fridays 6 to 7am and 8 to 9am

Vern's Gym 
Main Street Salem Runaway;
ST ANN Jamaica


           (876) 799-0845

          (876) 565  8030

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Vern's Fitness Centre