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Eating For A Flat Belly

Flat belly diet


Hi, one of the most sort after weight loss goal people have when they come to the gym is to lose the belly. This I would say is the number one request gym members have all over the world. Gyms  are filled with people trying hard to rid themselves of the pounds of slab that sits on top of their belly. And to tell the truth it doesn't look good either.


But, how does one go about getting a flat belly? To answer that lets look at some of the ways people try to get a flat belly the first one is the sit up. I have seen people doing hundreds of sit-ups every day for months and still their belly is as big as ever some even get bigger, bigger because they are building the muscles beneath the fat and so the muscles push the fat forward making the belly look bigger.


With that said if a flat belly is your goal then trust me, doing sit-ups is a waste of time.  The next thing is the abs machines. Billion of dollars have been spent on these equipments to no good end. People buy them try them for a few weeks get fed up as they do not see any result and throw them aside. So the abs machine is not the way to go either. Next we have the fad diet the ones that say “lose 10 pounds in 30 days” 10 pounds yea right. Ten pounds of what? Fat or muscle. Muscle of course, there is no way you are going to drop 10 pounds of solid fat in thirty days if you work hard at the gym and eat right you can burn one to two pounds of fat per week. you will look slim in your clothes your belly might even look flat but the question is are your muscles  tight and tone?


Of courts not, you can see the saggy back of the hands the jigging inner thigh and the flab on the belly. And the big let down is when you can no longer keep up with the madness and return to your normal eating habits the fat cells balloon up like crazy. And you might even get bigger than you were before you  when on the diet.


So sit ups, abs machine and fad diet don’t work so what den do work. Well lets take a walk outside of the gym and take a look at some of the men that work on the construction site the side men on the beer truck and the farmers. you don’t see them doing hundreds of sit ups or spending there hard earn cash and some abs machine and they eat like a horse.

However some of these men have some of the most perfect six pack abs yon can imagine.


So what is the secret to their sensational physique. Simply, they burn  more calories than what they take in. And most of them eat only natural food like yam potatoes  bananas meat and vegetables. These foods are rich in fibers that are filling and help one to burn off unwanted belly fat. 


Now I’m not saying that we all should become construction workers or get into farming. However we can accomplish the same result as they do by taking three simply steps (1) do lots of aerobic to burn fat. (2) do weights training three to four days per week to tone your muscles. (3) eat the way I suggested in my e-book “Vern’s Flat Belly Diet” to keep your calories  moderate and balance. You can read how  this eating plan has helped me to shed pounds of fat from my body in a matter of months at https://vernsfitnesscentre.tripod.com/id2.html .


So if you are serious about losing your unwanted belly, then stop wasting your time doing hundreds of sit-up, going on fad diets and forking out your hard earn cash buying abs gadgets that just don’t work. Give  my three step approach a try and watch the fat melt from your midsection as the saying goes ” butter against sun”


Until we talk stay fit eat right and be good to yourself call me at 565-8030 digicel       799-0845 C&W or e-mail me at vernsfitnesscentre@gmail.com

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