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Body Odor

How to stop body odor



Some years ago, I was face with the challenge of telling a young woman that her body odor was causing a lot of negative reaction among the other gym members. It’s not that hard to tell a child or a close family member that they need to use deodorant but a stranger moreover a woman was much more than a grain of sand to climb.


For weeks the other ladies kept complaining to me that it was unbearable to workout with her and I need to speak to her. After a month of this, I came to the decision to stop procrastinating and confront her about her unpleasant body odor.


 I phone her and after the greeting and a few small talks I said to her we have a problem--- before I could continued she said I know Vern my body odor is killing everybody. She when on to say that she had this problem from school days and was told that she was suffering from hormone imbalance. In addition, there was nothing she could do to stop it. I could not accept that.


During our conversation I learn that she runs a shop that she opens early in the mornings and then come straight to the gym in the evening by that time all trace of deodorant she had use was long gone. Moreover, she was grossly over weight.


I gave her some steps she could take to rid her self of her embarrassing

 situation, she said thanks and we hang up. I was not sure she would ever return to the gym so when I did not see her for a few days I was sure she was gone for good. I felt bad inside for offending her.


A week later, she turns up smiling her face off and the green repulsive odor was not there anymore. She had taken my advice and rid her self of her body odor problem.


So what was the advice I gave her?


A change in lifestyle starting with diet was the first step. What we eat is what comes out and some individuals are unable to metabolize certain food such as red meat, eggs, liver, fish and legumes. If you suffer from odor problem, try not to eat any of these products for a week or two and see if your body makes any changes if it does consume the above sparingly.


Detoxification: the world we live in make it impossible for us to live with out our bodies been fill with toxin. Some of toxins are so deeply rooted that our organs of elimination cannot remove them. I would recommend that you go and a detoxification program a lease once per month to rid the system of poisonous and harmful toxin. My e-book,  Vern's Flat Belly Diet give a very easy thee day liquid diet that will help to rid the body of toxin. In my next article I’ll discuss how to detox the liver and the kidneys.


Taking supplements:

Chlorophyll One or two chlorophyll tablets or chlorophyll liquid taken with each meal may also help, as chlorophyll is a great deodorizer.

Magnesium Take magnesium supplements or augment your diet with food sources high in this important mineral. Between 200-500 mg of magnesium have been recommended. You will have to try different doses until you get the amounts that are right for your body.


Vitamins A high-potency B vitamin (50 mg or higher), when combined with magnesium, will help reduce certain secretions that can be a cause of odor. Make sure you are getting 100 mg of PABA and 100 mg of B6.

Zinc If you have body odor, try taking zinc tablets. Zinc, plus magnesium, will help balance your body's metabolism and reduce the cause of bad odor. Studies have shown that taking 30 to 50 mg daily will dramatically reduce certain body odors, although you may need less. Zinc may also reduce perspiration and sweaty feet. However, it is wise to go above 15 mg only with a doctor's supervision as zinc may interfere with the absorption of copper, another essential trace mineral.

Tips wash the armpit each morning with one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to a glass of water. If that doesn't work, increase the amount of peroxide. Scrub the armpit with a wash cloth instead of using your hand with soap. This will do a better job of removing bacteria than your hands can. Use a deodorant soap instead of plain soap; this will help to hold odor in check for a longer time.

While a good commercial deodorant will stop bad odor some individuals have sensitive skin and are unable to use some of the cheaper brands of deodorant.  If you don’t want to fork out hard earn cash to buy the top of the line brand don’t worry below I suggest so method that will stop bad odor dead in its tracks.

Home Remedies:

Alcohol/witch hazel Wipe your armpits with alcohol, white vinegar or witch hazel instead of deodorant.

Apple cider vinegar Apple cider vinegar eliminates under arm body odor when used in place of deodorant because it reduces the pH of the skin. Bacteria can't live in areas with low pH.

White vinegar is also helpful. Place some on a cotton ball and apply to the underarms instead of deodorant. The vinegar smell is gone in minutes and you should be smell-free all day.

Baking soda Baking soda, the odor-eating standby, can be used instead of deodorant. Just apply the powder to your dry armpits. It will kill bacteria and help absorb perspiration. Cornstarch can also be used instead or mixed with the baking soda.

Turnip juice Turnip juice will reduce underarm odor for up to 10 hours. Grate a turnip; squeeze the juice through cheesecloth, so that you have two teaspoonfuls. Wash your armpits first, and vigorously rub one teaspoonful on each one.

If the above suggestion can’t be of help to you then I recommend you see a doctor as you might be suffering from serious medical problems.



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