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Seido Karate


Kyoshi Vernon E Williams

ST Ann Seido Karate opens its doors to the citizens of Salem and the wider ST Ann community June 25, 1989.

My primary goal then and still is, to develop the a strong body mind connection of the men, woman and children of the community. I spent many hours going door to door explaining to the dwellers what I was about and how my service could be of help to them and their children. The grounds were now set for a massive turn out, or so I thought


The first year or so was very discouraging, as the turn out I had envision did not materialize. The bills were increasing way beyond my income. At times, I would become overwhelmed with thoughts of closing the Dojo. What kept me from closing down was the solid foundation built
from years of Seido karate training.


In time, my persistence and unwillingness to quit paid off, The Dojo began to grow as word of mouth spread about the benefits members were experiencing. Parents were reporting that their kids were getting better grades in school since starting. Other kids were overcoming  
respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis and other breathing obstacles, this was due largely to the practice of proper breathing techniques (Ibuki breathing) taught at the Dojo.


This was very encouraging as the children were the center of my passion.

Seeing them doing well in school and overcoming acute illness was very heart warming. The mothers were so impressed with the positive results their children were getting at the Dojo, led to thirteen of them signing up for classes. This was really a big boost for the Dojo


Of the twenty-five students to reach the rank of black belt twenty-three of them started as pee-wees and juniors. It is very touching when from time to time I would receive a call or an e-mail from a black belt
telling me how the training has helped them in moving forward in life.


One thing that makes me extremely proud is the fact that 100% of the kids who grew up as students of karate have become role models and leaders wherever they go. ST Ann Seido Karate Dojo is the place you want to be if building strength of character and having a sense of purpose is your goal.




Class Time

Mondays and Wednesdays

Adults Karate classes 7 to 8 pm



Adults and children karate classes

10 to 11 30 am Salem Dojo

1 to 2 30 pm (Com C) Brown’s Town


Phone: 973-4035  565-8030   799-0845

E-mail kyoshivern@yahoo.com


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