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Vern's Flat Belly Diet

Kiss belly fat good-by


How I lost 28 pounds in 180 days



Welcome Friend,

My name is Vernon Williams aka Vern CEO and chief instructor of Vern’s Fitness Centre for the pass twenty years. Over that period of time I have learn a lot about the pros and the cons of getting a flat belly so if you have been struggling with belly fat, doing hundreds of sit-up and leg raises with out any pleasing results then you have come to the right place. My diet plan will melt fat from your belly as the saying goes “Like butter against the sun”


I stand behind this claim 100% that if you follow the program to the tee you will have a flat tone belly in less than 180 days. Why, I stand behind this claim. Because I too was once a victim of excess belly fat.


Here is my story:


When I started ‘Vern’s Fitness Centre’, it was on a shoe string budget, and having three kids and a wife to support there was not enough  cash to hire fitness instructors so for a year are so I was the sole operator of the fitness centre. I was doing 16 aerobics and weights class per week in addition I was also doing 7 karate classes per week.


At that rate, I could eat any and everything in any amount and did not gain any weight. The reason for that was that my output has far out numbered my input. 


As the business picks up I was able to heir a few fitness instructors to run some of the classes, moreover I now had senior karate students to help with the karate classes. In short my workload had cut been cut in half.


February 1998 190lbs

However, my calorie intake remains the same. It didn’t take long before I notices love handles hanging over my pants

This was not the image I wanted for myself. I was doing all the aerobics and weights training my body could handle. Dieting was the major step I need to rid myself of unwanted fat.


Now, I didn’t want to go a quick fix fad diet that would let me gain back all the weight I lost the moment I came of it.


I spend the better part of a month researching and compiling my research in to a formula that I could implement as a diet plan. Hence the birth of ‘Vern’s Flat Belly Diet’ came into being. I start my diet routine on February 1, 1998 by July 28 1998 I transform my body from fat Vern to beach ready Vern the photo below will testify to the results.


July 1998 172lbs

You too can rid your self of unwanted fat

and have no fear taking your clothes off at the 

I did it and many of my fitness clients did it
all you need is the desire to change and a 

Here are some of the benefits you will get from this ‘diet plan’

        How to recognize portion size

        How to detox your body in three days

        Loss up to 7 pounds in a week

        Loss 15 to 20 pounds in 30 days

        Understanding how to blend simply over the counter items to burn fat

        What food to eat late at night.

        How green tea burn fat

        The benefit of using chromium picolinate

        You don’t have to give up your favorite food

        Learn when to drink coffee to burn fat

Try my diet plan  if you‘re tired of the hype and belly exercise that come up short. Pick up a copy today and transform your body for life.     

Eating for a flat belly

Lose weight the natural

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