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How to lose weight

The natural way

How to lose weight

The natural way

By Vernon E Williams

of Vern’s fitness Centre


It always amazes me when people start the gym and within a week they are upset that they do not see a massive weight loss such madness.  You  spend  years packing on the pounds and in a week you want to see it all melt away, “please” wake up.

If one is serious about losing ten to twenty pounds in a natural way you are looking at six to eight months of continuous work followed by strict eating habits to see pleasing result, and that is a fact. One can take all kinds of fad diets, buy all kinds of weight lost gadget some might work for the short term but the moment you stop using them in a short time, all the weight returns and sometimes even more than you had before.

So as I say wake up, real life time weight loss takes time, discipline, a  keen sense of purpose and the will to be. So if you are serious about weight loss here are some steps to take.

1.   Develop the habit of eating complex carbohydrates, clean protein and good fat.

2.   Engage in a safe and workable aerobics program three to four days per week.

3.   Get involved in a weight lifting program designed to burn fat and not to build muscles.

4.   Do a ten to fifteen minutes of yoga two to three days per week for stress management and overall wellness. 

The above steps are a part of a lifetime change  one needs to take so as to stay fit and healthy for life.  Let us now take a look at the first step. What is complex carbohydrate? In a nut shell complex carbohydrate are  yams, sweet potatoes, rice, beans, peas, oats, fruits and vegetables.

Clean proteins are a food source that is void are having a small amount of trans and saturated fat. Some forms of clean proteins are lean cuts of beef, pork, fish and chicken. Another source comes in the form of peas beans and all forms of nuts.

Good fats derive from avocado, coconut, fish oil, nuts and virgin olive oil. In my e-book (Slim For Life) I go into details about good fat and the benefit it has on our health.

Aerobics could be in the form of walking, jogging, swimming riding a bicycle, becoming a member of a gym and engage in a fitness program like the one offered here at (Vern’s Fitness Centre). Our program involves a four day Cardio and toning routine.  

So stop the madness and approach your weight lost campaign intelligently and be very patient with yourself till the desired result is attained. 

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