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Benefits of Martial arts for Kids

ST Ann Seido Karate

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Benefits of Martial arts

For kids 

Do you want your child to develop a strong fit healthy body with the ability to focus and concentrate on their school work? Then St Ann Seido Karate is where you want your child to be. St Ann Seido Karate offers a fully comprehensive program to fit any child’s needs. Our class start with students sitting in zazen with eyes close for a moment of silent this also helps to calm the mind and reduce anxiety.  


After the warm up the class goes through a tough session of punching, kicking, katas and self-defense techniques. All of which call for concentration and strict attention to details.  Our grading system is another great way that helps kids to set and achieve goals. All students started out as white belt, after three to four months student do a grading to show that they are ready to move up to the next level.   


Research has shown that the respect, discipline and concentration kids learn in karate classes are carried over into the school environment in the form of better behavior and improvement in grades.


Some of the areas that student has made great improvement in are:




        The ability to concentrate and focus

        Improvement in school work

        Sport-man ship


The above is just to name a few of the benefits gain from doing Seido karate.  We take student from age four (4) once they are able to focus for at least thirty minutes.

St Ann Seido Karate

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